Saturday, September 17, 2011

The GOP, the MSM, and Ron Paul

Glenn Beck, one of the malignant voices of the New Right, has joined the choir of Republican pundits in condemning Ron Paul and the movement that he has courageously birthed.  Beck, once again, reveals his intellectually rigidity--his inability to entertain a differing political scheme.  In Beck's world, the ideal "Republican candidate" is one who believes in perpetual war (i.e., invasions and occupations of several countries) and bankocracy.  Paul, to his credit, doesn't fit Beck's political order and is condemned for it.  But Beck's dislike of Paul borders on psychotic hatred.  Paul disrupts the consensus that is often adopted by the Republican order; while the candidates may disagree on the subtle points on this-or-that policy, they are in fundamental agreement on the essential parts.  Paul challenges that consensus in a gentlemanly (yet profound way).

Beck's dislike of Paul mirrors the mainstream media's (MSM) hatred and its profound refusal (perhaps, inability) to address Paul and his policy positions.  About a month ago, the great Jon Stewart dedicated a segment of his "Daily Show" to examining the MSM's habitual refusal to acknowledge Paul and his growing support.  The MSM's continued usage of the term "top tier" quickly became overtly Orwellian to me.  Even if you disagree with Paul root and branch, you must admire the man's consistency, intelligence, and calm demeanor.  The man is ignored at nearly every crossing and, yet, still soldiers on with a geniality that's unmatched.        

What troubles me about this Ron Paul situation (because, yes, it is a situation) is that we're witnessing a not-too-subtle reduction in what's presented and discussed.  Paul offers an alternative to the status quo; at any rate, he makes you think--and think seriously.  His role is essential to democratic discourse ... to the essence of democracy!

Not long ago, Politico ran an interesting article discussing how the so-called Republican "front-runners," Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, were "running out of time" to garner support and money.  Discussions of the Republican primary consistently revolve around this Romney-Perry grouping: who is more "Conservative," who can rally the base more, who can generate more donations, etc. Bachmann gets some attention, but it quickly reverts to Romney-Perry, Romney-Perry.  And where's Paul?  Somewhere on the sidelines, holding the towel.  

Ron Paul clearly sticks out at these Republican "debates."  His policy analysis and concomitant positions are decidedly out-of-step with the party's hierarchy.  Each of his fellow candidates snicker at him when he discusses foreign intervention and assorted other topics, like drug reform and corporate assistance.  So, perhaps, it isn't just the MSM that wants to see Ron Paul returned to his Congressional district in Texas.  You can add the GOP to the list of people and entities that dislike Paul.  If the power centers dislike Paul, maybe he is on to something worthy of exploration and DISCUSSION.


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