Saturday, October 1, 2011

Room for One More? Will Christie Enter???

The WaPo has published an AP article quoting several AP sources who are maintaining that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided to reexamine his initial refusal to enter the GOP race.  The result of this reexamination will be revealed in the coming few days, we are told.  This news is interesting and, depending on the result, may alter the Republican playing field.  So let's examine it in greater detail.

Chris Christie has some scars from warring with New Jersey's resident liberal power players.  He has some strong Conservative policy credentials, and his rhetoric appeals to both the Tea Party and the Republican base.  Gov. Christie supports less regulation, more fiscal restraint, and less taxation.  An ideal Repub?  Difficult to say, but surely a qualified candidate.

If Christie decides to enter into the presidential race, political pundits will be sure to have a field day.  But a late entry raises an interesting question: how will Christie's late announcement (candidacy) appear?  From my vantage point, he risks appearing indecisive--reluctant to declare his desire for the White House.  His "candidacy speech" would have to be framed in such a way as to dispel any thought of Christie as being a late player or, more to the point, indecisive.    

The article also notes that Christie will have to make an announcement in the not too distant future, since the filing deadlines in the primary states are a mere few weeks away.  Christie does not possess the luxury of having ample time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a Christie campaign for the White House.

The GOP has yet to yield a clear front-runner.  Perry and Romney have traded both leads and victories, but both men have been challenged by non-front runners, like Cain, who have been able to secure pronounced victories over these purported "front-runners."  The GOP's field appears convoluted--lacking a clear and concise vision and direction.  Some prominent GOP donors have requested for Christie to enter the race; their hope is that a Christie candidacy would give the Repubs the focus and leadership that they so desperately need.

Christie plays to the cameras; in this way, he is very much like Ronald Reagan.  He provides eccentric one-liners in response to questions.  This trait would assist him in challenging the current GOP candidates and, possibly, Barack Obama in the general election.  As the article notes, Christie has previously declined willingness to enter the race because "he wasn’t ready, because his wife wouldn’t let him and because 'I’m not crazy, that’s why.'” All three responses reveal his high level of comfort with the media and with his own ability to respond to the media's inquiries.    

While many questions still remain surrounding Christie and his forth-coming announcement, one thing is clear: a Christie candidacy would make for some interesting political reporting and, for my purposes, blogging.  Stay tuned!

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